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DIY – It’s What We Do

We produce DIY videos for all segments of the consumer market. DIY-Stands for Do It Yourself, a popular style of instructional video. Our videos cover many popular topics ranging from the most basic to semi skilled topics. From home fix-it to car and gun repair. Basic how to series through in depth specific series for those who demand the most information available. If you can watch the video you can perform the task.

Who We Are

We are a video production company with a plan. We feel the consumer should have the tools they need to save $$$$$$. With our help they will have the opportunity to do just that. Our hosts are the best in their respected fields. From handymen to the most highly skilled professionals we have them all.

What’s Next?

We are just getting warmed up. There are many titles on the drawing boards and many in production right now. Check the new release link to see what is hot right now. Don’t be concerned if you do not see a topic you are interested in. Drop us a line and suggest one. Who knows maybe you could host your own series!

Watch for the latest “PO BOYS COOKBOOK” Coming to a kitchen near you!

No More YouTube drab fests.

I hear it all the time. They say “Jim, you do know that YouTube has many DIY style videos already.” I say Bah Humbug! Have you ever suffered through one? Poor quality video, horrible audio, and the big kicker you need an Internet connection. Do you want to be tied to the Internet to be able to review the video when your in your garage working on your car? With our series we offer DVD, and electronic download so that you can watch on your smart phone or IPad or the traditional DVD player.

We make it simple to stay ahead of the curve with The Project DIY Network.


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